Affiliate Disclosure

Our site is dedicated to the world of online casinos and strives to provide you with all the news about the different gaming sites as well as expert opinions from the professionals in this field who are part of our team. It is important to us that you know that this site uses an affiliate marketing revenue model because we believe in honesty and transparency. Revenue from our partners helps us cover the cost of the services we use to maintain our site. You will find all the details of our partnership policy above, but the most important thing is to know that we only recommend sites that we have personally tested. In some cases we receive compensation from an online casino for posting a registration link on our site. However, this does not influence our ratings. We promise never to accept payment in exchange for tampering with our reviews or raising a casino in our rankings. Our promise to you is to provide you with an honest experience and that will never change.

About Partnership

You might think that the partnership between a review site and an online casino is for the purpose of securing positive reviews for operators in return for payment from them. Keep in mind that for us the most important thing is to give you access to objective opinions, so our partnerships with online gambling sites have a different purpose. Our aspiration is to earn your trust by offering you all the information on the advantages and disadvantages of an online casino. If you are more likely to follow our recommendations we will be able to offer our partners more new customers and benefit from our reputation. By negotiating the terms of a partnership, our goal is to offer you a better deal for going through a link published on our site.

About Affiliates

To ensure that our users have access to all the useful information to be able to choose among the best gaming sites, the one that suits them best, we carefully evaluate our affiliates according to the criteria most important to players. All online casinos whose affiliate links are posted on our site are legal and reliable and meet the quality criteria of the professionals on our team who take the time to analyze the advantages and disadvantages of each gaming site before you present it and offer you the benefit of its services. It is important to us to maintain our reputation as a reliable source of information about online casino games so we will not compromise on the quality of service from our partners.

How Are Affiliates Helpful?

Maintaining a website requires resources, especially if you aspire to offer a quality service. Our affiliate program represents an important resource for our company which allows us to cover the expenses related to our activity. Without influencing either our choice of sites to present to you, or our opinion on these sites, the affiliate program sometimes gives us the possibility of offering you exclusive promotions that we have negotiated with online casino operators. We win because the casinos pay us more money for the more players we send to them, and you gain not only free access to all the high-quality content we work to bring to you, but also access to exclusive promotions reserved for our users. As far as online casinos are concerned, they gain new customers which allows them to offer them more advantageous bonuses. It is a victory for all parties.